With the New Year quickly approaching now is the time to start making some goals. It is a great time to examine our lives and see what we would like to improve upon. Setting realistic goals and determining ways to reach those goals will help us be more successful and will help us to avoid discouragement.

So if the goal is to loose weight, then maybe set an attainable goal weight within a certain amount of time. Remember most people do not loose more than 2 lbs a week, even when following a diet and exercise plan. Possible ways to think about to attain the goal weight could be, examining your diet and seeing what needs to be cut down on and ways to eat more healthy. Setting an exercise schedule (How many days a week you are willing to work out and for how long, and what you will do to work out on those days). The next thing is to stick to it!

Another one is if you have a goal to read the Book of Mormon. Set how long you will give yourself to read it and then figure out how many pages you will need to read everyday to attain the goal and when you are going to do your scripture study.

I know that one of my goals will be to spend better quality time with my children. I know that I am going to have to organize my time better. Figure out fun activities for my children to do ahead of time. I know if I have the activities ready to go ahead of time it will go a lot easier. So if anyone has some fun ideas of activities to do with kids please let me know.

Good luck to everyone with making your resolutions and putting them into action! I hope everyone has a very Happy and Fun New Year!!

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